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Jeremy Poole

Front-end engineer, Node.js and Linux

What I do

I'm a freelancer and contractor specializing in front-end applications built with Vue.js, living in Vancouver, BC.

I have experience with a variety of frontend frameworks, progressive web apps (PWA), server-side rendering (SSR), Node/Express back ends and linux devops.

  • Lean, data driven applications
  • Cross-platform PWAs
  • Fast development, testing, deploy cycles
  • Integration with in house and third party APIs
  • Customer facing and internal applications
  • Industry-specific content management applications


  • Extensive knowledge of best practices in HTML/CSS/JS
  • Ability to adjust to in-house coding styles and practices
  • Highly productive
  • I work great with internal teams
  • Tireless troubleshooter

I'm always looking for a new challenge. Please check out my projects page to see some of the projects I've worked on and read the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

If you think I might be a good fit for remote or local work in the Vancouver, BC area, please contact me.

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